I started my artistic career a few decades ago, with just a pencil, designing and animating cartoon characters for TV. I soon augmented this approach, by hiring cameras, actors and crew in a preferred role as a TV commercials film director. I still make my living as a director to this day but in recent years I’ve invested a lot more time into my other passion, photography.

As someone who has spent most of their working life creating moving images I find that still images can often have more impact. Unlike a short film or video which has to be viewed for a set length of time, a still only has to be glanced at to have worked its magic. As a photographer, it is always my aim to create images that demand more than just a quick glance of course.

I love to discover the beauty in all things and I’m rarely happier than when I’m snooping around a wildflower meadow with a macro lens discovering beautiful apparitions that Nature has hidden from us by virtue of its tiny scale. In fact the natural world at any scale is always tempting me to point cameras at it.

My next favourite subject matter is portraiture. Finding a favourable but revealing likeness of a sitter is a lovely task and hugely rewarding. All of us frequently have photos taken of ourselves but rarely do we have true portraits taken. It demands a certain sensitivity and mutual trust. I am always honoured when people ask me to take their portrait or portraits of loved ones. I have a nice studio space at home and 10 acres of adjoining countryside if a natural setting is required. Alternatively, I can travel to the sitter’s home or meet up at a location of their choice.

Capturing events is another area I am often asked to cover, from anniversaries to weddings. Weddings are probably the most challenging thing a photographer can tackle because the resulting photos are so important to everyone and yet the photographer mustn’t spoil the moment in achieving them. With all the pressure and responsibility, weddings are not my favourite things to cover but it appears I can be persuaded.

I also have many corporate clients with briefs ranging from location publicity through to fashion.

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